SEO has a complex structure with multi-elements. Knowing and applying these SEO elements the right way can help you to reach your customers quickly by affecting the ranking of the website and web traffic. It can help you to develop authority, which means that your website is trust worthy. It also provides a better visitors' experience.


Content is a vital part of SEO. It’s the key to rank the page and attract customers. This content can be your Web page content,videos, blogs, or anything informative and attractive.

Local SEO

This tactic is used to reach your local customers. These are the customers who would benefit you for real. Local SEO includesusing local keywords or designing local specific webpages.

Backlink Building

It is an off-the-site tactic that includes quality backlinking of your site from different websites. It indicates that your websitehas something valuable.Shared content can be blogs, infographics,s or anything that can be shared.

Search Engine Marketing

It’s a comprehensive SEO strategy that allows you to reach targeted customers most quickly. The methods for marketinginclude google AdWords, Display ads, and many more.